…working on the (Life) Chain gang….

In our community this past Sunday, as in many others across North America, groups of people took to the streets-literally- to form a  chain; standing with posters silently and peacefully witnessing to the cause of life.  I was encouraged and edified by the range of people I saw along the busy street in our city; older folks and wee ones, teenagers, working young adults, middle-aged parents, whole families…all standing in respectful silence, making public their belief in the sacredness of all life, from conception to its natural end.

As I joined them and prayed, one memorable incident occurred.  A young man, perhaps in his mid-to-late 20’s drove up, stopped his car in a traffic lane beside a group of the silent pro-lifers, and proceed to unleash a barrage of profanities, punctuating them with an obscene gesture.  His initial recipients were grandparents; and it was only moments before vehicles driving along this very busy street were stuck behind him, honking their horns to get him to move so they could be on their way (I have no idea what the position on life issues of those honking was – they simply wanted to drive and this individual was blocking traffic).

Eventually he started to move, but slowly, making sure that he directed his gestures and profanities towards each member of the chain, including small children.

I know he will never read this post.  I’m not even sure why I am writing it.

The first thing that went through my mind was, ‘how sad’. The second, ‘I’ll pray for you.”

The third though, was, ‘your parents must be very proud of you, particularly your language and gestures to the elderly and little children.’  I’m betting though, he could care less.

I’m not sure if he believed his actions would support his viewpoint.  I’m not sure if they thought they would be evidence that he was a bigger man, a smarter man, or a better man. If so, it would appear he is sadly mistaken.

His language and actions simply reinforced what is becoming an all too common stereotype of the pro-choice movement; and because they were directed at the elderly and little kids, it spoke volumes of an apparent contempt for all stages of life.

How sad. And yes, I did pray for him. And will continue to do so. Because his life is sacred too.

Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever!