…going, going…

…well, almost gone. In a few days, in fact, the links that I have provided to Small Talent Music and the All for Jesus podcast, will no longer be working, as I will be closing down the Small Talent website, after 10 years of operation.  It doesn’t mean I will no longer be writing music or involving myself in some way in using music in prayer – it simply means that after 10 years and much prayerful discernment, I have been led to the conclusion that I can much better use my resources and time more productively in other areas of outreach and charity.

So, if you want to download the free music and podcasts, you only have a few more days to do so; but help yourself to some or all of them before they are gone.

Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever

All for Jesus

As my American friends are ‘recovering’ from their Thanksgiving holiday, and many are plunging headlong into the ‘Black Friday’ frenzy (with cross-border help from some of their Canadian counterparts), I thought I might take this opportunity to offer something for those who are completely weary of the constant blaring of advertisements and demands to ‘buy, Buy, BUY’ and actually get something that won’t cost them anything….seriously.

The All for Jesus podcast (with a link at the top of this page) is a project that I have been graced to be involved with for several years now; when we started it, there seemed to be a dwindling number of venues open to Catholic composers and musicians in terms of broadcast and internet radio ‘stations’. I had loads more space than I needed for my music ministry website, and thought ,’since I’m paying for the space anyway, might as well put it to good use!’

I contacted several Catholic musicians with whom I had the privilege of counting among my contacts and friends through the ‘web’ and explained what I wanted to do – have a venue for their music; but there was a catch – I didn’t have resources for royalty payments, and as I was going to put my music in the mix for free, I wondered if they would be willing to do the same. The response from those ‘faithful few’ was an immediate, and resounding,”YES”. From the first few, we have slowly but surely grown to 15 artists, and our little community, I pray and hope, will continue to grow.

This is where I have to again publicly thank those first and constant friends who were involved right from the beginning; Karl Kohlhase, Margo B. Smith, Susan Bailey, and Mike Beloud of the band Rise; their faithfulness to this little endeavour has been a tremendous blessing and gift.

So, the All for Jesus Podcast is music freely offered and shared by artists who do what they do for the love of Christ and love of the Gospel. It’s a half-hour of music and (sometimes) reflections, and is freely available online for anyone to download and listen to. If you’ve had enough of the ‘buy me, get me’ mantra, then take some time to sit, listen to music that will inspire you, and hopefully prepare your heart and mind for the most important relationship in your life – your relationship with God. These artists have been blessed with a gift – and as we all know – a gift is meant to be shared. Let them share it with you…for the love of God.

Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever!