Hello world!

So here I am, taking the proverbial plunge into the world of blogging! ‘Why another blog,’ you might ask.  The philosophically correct answer might be, ‘why not’?

There is no shortage of blogs providing opinions on political, economical, social, or cultural issues.  There are blogs on home decor and gardening; automotive repair and the culinary arts.  Blogs are a means through which personal tips, hints and insights reach a broader audience; a way to connect and speak to a larger collection of like-minded (or at least sympathetic) people.

I have found, in my limited circle, that there is an increasing intolerance for the presence of God in any dialogue in the public forum; this ranges from apathy  to outright hostility ; often accompanied by a either a collective amnesia concerning the development of many of our modern institutions that we depend on, or a revisionist rewriting of this development, based more on half-truths than historical fact.

I hope to write only as a friend of God; as one who accepts that God is indeed the Author of all life, and who moves and lives throughout our workaday world. I plan to write of a God who so loved the world that He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ; and the place that God has in this world.  I desire to write of a God whose Holy Spirit continually breathes throughout our daily lives and our relationships.

If this is not the type of blog that interests you, fair enough.  There is no shortage of blogs out there that might pique your particular tastes.  And if you head off to read somewhere else, and set this blog aside, that’s okay – this little blog will still be here, whether you acknowledge it or not, reflecting and musing and speaking in the public forum…

Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever.

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